Black Diamond

I knew that I wanted my boyfriend and I to dress up during elegant night of our cruise so I made sure to pack this bomb dress I’ve been waiting to wear for months. I have purchased it online back in August for an event I didn’t end up going to but boy am I glad I didn’t! This Penny On A Penny Dress would have costed me $39.99 but I ended up spending $28!

Black Sequin Maxi Dress: $39.99 with 30% off=$28  Fashionnova

 Bahama Mama

My boyfriend and I got a chance to celebrate my birthday on a 3 day cruise sailing to the Bahamas. I made sure I over packed so that I had options based on the weather and of course, as soon as we made it to the Bahamas I knew I was going to be surrounded around a bomb beach, tropical trees and lots of sun. I decided to throw on my black deep V one piece swimsuit and my melon colored coverup skirt. This Pretty on a Penny look costed me $23!

-Black One Piece Swimsuit: $11- BooHoo

-Melon Coverup Skirt: $12- Pink Clove

Bae Watch

My boyfriend and I were out celebrating his birthday….(yes I said boyfriend! hehehe I’m officially off the market now) but anyway, we wanted to dress up and enjoy a nice ambience, great music and bomb food/drinks. I knew exactly what I wanted to pull out of the closet because she has been sitting in there waiting over 2 months for her grand appearance. I remember buying it just because, and I knew that it would come in handy one day. This Pretty on a Penny Looked costed me $20!

-Sexy/Classy Black Dress: :$11.99- DDs Discounts

-Lace up Heels: $8- DDs Discounts


It was a Tuesday 80 degree night and my only off day during the week. I knew that the weather in the A will begin cooling down so I wanted to pull out a dress that I didn’t get a chance to wear all summer. I matched the dress with the perfect pair of heels I just recently purchased. This Pretty on a Penny Look costed me $23!

-Blush pink Dress: $11.99-DDs Discounts

-Heels: $10.99-DDs Discounts 

Focused On You  

A good friend of mine was celebrating his birthday with an all Black grown and sexy themed dinner and party. I didn’t have much time to look for anything at the malls so I decided to order a dress online. I knew exactly where I wanted to order my dress from at a reasonable price. This Pretty on a Penny dress originally costed me $29.99 but with a 30% off sale I paid $21! 

-Focused on You Dress: $21



Second day of being in NOLA for the Think & Grow Chick Conference and I decided to go a little more casual and comfortable. This Pretty On A Penny Look costed me $48!

-Top: $10.99-DDs Discounts

-Jeans: $16.99-Ross Dress For Less

-Bag: $13-DDs Discounts

-Sandals: $7-DDs Discounts

 Blush Up 

It was the first day in NOLA for the Think & Grow Chick Conference and I realized that all of the clothes I packed were not suited for the occasion. My sister and I who flew from VA to attend the conference as well, decided to hit up a local mall and see what I could find last minute. I walked into Charlotte Russ and immediately went to the sale rack. I literally was able to put together a last min outfit within 15 mins! This Pretty On A Penny Look costed me a total of $15!

-Blush Pink Linen wide leg pants $5 (50% off sale price): Charlotte Russ

-White Crop Top: $5 (50% off sale price): Charlotte Russ

-Necklace: $5: Charlotte Russ

Bubble Gum

 We’ve reached the end of the Summer and I couldn’t let it go by without wearing this really chic romper I purchased about a month ago. It was date night so I wanted to wear something cute and comfortable yet sexy. This Pretty On A Penny Look costed me $13.99!

-Romper: $13.99-Ross Dress For Less 

Slay Day to Sexy Night

I knew the day would be filled with fun filled shenanigans so I made sure to dress for the occasion. A few friends invited me to the Florida and Alabama tailgating festivities so I decided to be cute and comfortable in my black jumpsuit, ATL ball cap, a flannel shirt wrapped around the waist and vans. Saturday evening  I helped celebrate my friend’s birthday at Suite Lounge in Atlanta and decided to wear all white because I haven’t done so all freakin Summer! The best part about it, I pulled everything out of the closet. These day and night Pretty On A Penny Looks costed me a total of $36!

-White Lace Skirt: $11.99-Ross Dress For Less

-White Lace crop top: $5.99-DD’s Discounts

-Black Jumpsuit: $9.99-DD’s Discounts

-Flannel Shirt: $7.99-Ross Dress For Less 

Sunny Dayz

I was reminded by my friends that today is officially Sunday Funday! Brunch…Mimosas…Shades…Sun…Hookah and of course a bomb look to compliment this beautiful day. I found a super cute skater dress last week at one of my fav stores. This Pretty On A Penny look costed me $14! 

-Skater Dress: $9.99  Ross Dress For Less

-Shades: $3.99 DDs Discounts

-Denim Single Sole Heels: Compliments of Amiclubwear

Take Me Away

I was going back to my hometown for the weekend and decided to grab something to wear the day before I had to leave. When I first saw this dress on the rack I knew it was coming home with me because  it gave me sexy Calgon Take Me Away vibes. This Pretty on a Penny look cost me 17.99!

Summer Dress: 17.99 Ross Dress For Less 

Pink Lemonade

Yesterday morning I flew to my hometown to surprise my best friend at his business launch party and birthday celebration. It was a red carpet type of event and I had the perfect dress to fit the occasion. This Pretty on a Penny Look costed only $30!

Bodycon Dress: $30   Amiclubwear

Strawberry Champagne

Thursday nights are always Ladies Night in the city so my homegirl Aricca and I decided to hit up Whiskey Mistress. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear because I picked up a bomb dress last week and had to wear it out sooner or later. I paired it with nude open toe heels and a brown clutch. This Pretty On A Penny Look costed me $21!

-Dress $11.99  DDs Discounts

-Heels $8.99  DDs Discounts

Stripe Me Down

I was super excited yesterday to help celebrate the relaunch of my homegirl’s organization.  It was a super cute networking/brunch event and I knew exactly what I wanted to pull out of the closet. I bought this really chic and classy striped jumper a few months ago and figured that I’d wear it one day to that type of event. I wanted to add a pop of color so I paired it with a necklace, heels, shades, and a clutch purse I had for a while. Huntiiii this Pretty on a Penny looked costed me $12!

-Jumpsuit: $11.99 DDs Discounts 

Shimmy Shake

I was invited to the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Finalist Mixer yesterday and I decided to go out and buy a cute top with a cute price! It literally took me less than 10 minutes to spot this bomb top on the rack and was definitely a winner with a $5.99 price tag on it. I paired it with some items I already had in the closet. This Pretty On A Penny Look costed me $30!  

-Top: $5.99 DDs Discounts

-Denim Skirt: $8 Ross Dress For Less

-Purse: $6 Ross Dress For Less

-Heels: $10 Citi Trends 

Little Black Dress Approved 

The talent agency that I’m signed to was having a magazine release party, red carpet style. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go out and purchase something new and stumble across something I already had in my closet. I decided to pull something out of my closet and found this little black yet simple dress. I paired it with some black open toe tie up heels, gold accessories and my cheetah print sling purse to add a little spice. This Pretty on a Penny look costed me $10!

-Black Dress $10 Ross Dress For Less

The Glow Up

My homeboy invited me to the Chris Rock comedy show this past Sunday. I knew there would be couples lined up in their Sunday’s best because of course people like to dress up for comedy shows. I had a sexy blush nude lace  leotard I’ve been wanting to wear for awhile and I paired it up with some light gray wide leg pants that I recently purchased a couple of weeks ago. I slid on a pair of camel open toe heels and grabbed my metalic gold sling purse. This Pretty on a Penny Looked costed me $17!

-Blush Nude Lace Leotard $6.99  DDsdiscounts

-Light Gray Wide Leg Pants $7.99 DDs Discounts

-Metalic Sling Purse $2 Thrift 

Denim Dayz 

My best friend decided to have a last minute birthday dinner on a Wednesday night. Luckily, I had a few options to choose from out of the closet. I decided to pull out my denim on denim look with a camel open toe single heel and matching camel colored clutch. This Pretty on a Penny look costed me only $26!

-Denim shoulder less top: $10.99 DDs Discounts    

-Denim Boyfriend Jeans: $14.99 DDs Discounts


Slayyyy Queen! 

I decided to do a fun trendy look for girl’s night out and ended up finding everything from 1 store. This Pretty On A Penny Look totaled out to $32!

-Slay t-shirt: $7.99 DDs Discounts——

-Denim Capris: $12 DDs Discounts——

-Neon Yellow Clutch Purse: $11.99 DDs Discounts——



I See Thru You!

I waited the last minute to get my outfit together for the 2017 Chris Brown Party Tour concert. My Pretty on a Penny look totaled out to $35 with a combination of things I pulled from my closet.

-Neon green satin fitted cap:Forever 21 $9.98

-Neon green tube bra:Edge $5.99

-Mesh T-shirt:Pink Clove $19.99

-Denim high-waisted shorts: Thrift Store $6 (Had these in my closet for years)

-Caged Gladiator sandals: Rue 21 $3 (Purchased them last Fall when all their sandals were on clearance)