“As we begin to look beyond our ‘pretty’ skin, ‘pretty’ hair, and ‘pretty’ makeup we reveal women with ‘prettier’ souls. When we learn to love ourselves from the inside and out we appreciate every flaw and every smile.  Being ‘Pretty’ isn’t just about being pleasing to the eye, but what’s pleasing to the heart.”

My name is Latasha and I was born and raised in a small town on the north side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It wasn’t the best place to live but it was home. At the age of 6 I remember growing up in a single family household with my mother and six other siblings. As much as I watched my mom do the best she could to raise all seven of us by herself, it wasn’t good enough to keep us together. Without understanding what was going on at the time I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on my life. Days away from my mother turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. I made a promise to be the best daughter I could be and from that point on, I embraced knowledge and vowed to do well in school. I knew that I wanted to learn how to make money to take care of my family, so that we would never struggle again. I obeyed my mother and made sure that I helped as much as I could by cleaning, cooking and running any necessary errands.

As the years went by, I grew more and more unhappy at home. It was stressful seeing my mother struggle financially and emotionally. What I saw her going through forced her into a position that had a large effect on myself and my siblings. I noticed my mother becoming more distant, she lacked the necessary communication and affection that her children needed to thrive. School became my getaway, it was more of a way to escape the stress at home. I began seeking guidance, love and attention from my peers, school activity groups and teachers. While I sought all of those things to make me a better person, I was introduced to an organization that changed my life. At the age of 12 I was introduced to an after school program in my neighborhood called Pearls for Teen Girls. My involvement with this organization turned out to be some of the best experiences in my life. I got my first job with Pearls at the age of 13 as a teen group facilitator and went on my first college tour at the age of 16. I learned Personal responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Respect, Leadership, and Support, all things that are important pillars of this organization. Pearls for Teen Girls helped me to achieve many goals, one of them being my aspiration to attend college. Not only did I receive my first educational scholarship from Pearls at the age of 18, I was the first person in my family to graduate high school and attend college.

In 2012 I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Parkside with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a certificate in Business Entrepreneurship. After a few dead end jobs I decided to venture off into one of my passions in fashion and created Tateeze Boutique, LLC. In April of 2013. I turned my living room area of my apartment completely into a clothing store filled with manikins, clothing racks and accessories. Within 5 months I had seen a lot of success from my business, there was something inside of me that wasn’t completely fulfilled. I wasn’t 100% happy, I knew that God had called on me for something greater and I did not want to be content at that point in my life. In September of 2013 I decided to make one of the biggest decisions I had ever made in life, and that was to move to Atlanta, GA. Moving to Atlanta was not an easy transition but I was willing to make the necessary sacrifices and take a few steps back to move forward into what God had for me.

God had begun to birth something special inside of me, this is when Confessions of a Pretty Girl was born. The Confessions of a Pretty Girl blog was created to provide a platform for women just like you, to shed light on the pretty things that often go unnoticed from within. Not only will I share my personal experiences and life lessons, I will allow you, the reader, to confess your own stories so that we can use them as testimonies to give hope to other women. We will build a community that will motivate, inspire, teach and illuminate the God given talents that he has instilled in each and every one of us.

Let’s connect, grow and allow our voices to be heard!