Halimah Muhammad, a 32 year old grade school teacher was a diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in January of 2017.
Much like the women her age, that are pretty health conscious, Halimah visited her primary doctor as normal. Once she learned that there was a possibility of breast cancer she was sent to a specialist to follow up at the University of Chicago. Halimah was not satisfied with the answers provided by the doctor and University of Chicago, so her family and herself decided to go to another health facility in Chicago, Northwestern.

Northwestern Hospital believes that with every bit of work they do, patients come first . Caring for patients and their families is at the heart of their mission and philosophy. Just like any other woman concerned with the health of their breast, Halimah pursued a mammogram. She was then asked to go through a number of tests to find the lump located in the right side of her breast. Halimah was Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer within 48 hours.

As a woman, your initial and natural reaction would be disbelief, uncertainty, and a burst of emotions running through your body. Halimah remained calm, more calm than her family. Halimah remembers that at the time she was diagonsed her brother would say to her, “No sis you don’t have it, I dont believe that, we have to get more tests, the doctors are giving false information.”  Her mom and sister were very protective, yet supportive of Halimah’s new journey.

Within Muhammad’s  journey she discovered so much about the history of her family, their role in breast cancer, and what this role meant to her as as female in her early 30’s.  Most people, even the doctors would assume that Halimah’ s cancer developed from her mom, or the women of her family. She learned that it had actually stemmed from her father’s side, whom passed away because of his cancer.

HER ADVICE: Halimah’s goal is to make as many people aware of how to prevent breast cancer, as she can. She believes  that if you remain positive FIRST and do your own research you will learn a lot about how to cater to your specific diagnosis. Halimah currently has a campaign named, ” G.O. H.A.M.” This is her personal reminder to kick cancers BUTT!  She says” Find your focus, and once you find your focus learn what works best for you.” In her situation, keeping her hair was the most important. She often treated her scalp with a treatment called cold cap therapy which has been wonderfully successful. Halimah has lost NO hair.  She also believes that keeping God first has helped her beat cancer and also making your self known through the process… Speak your truth don’t hold back, and G.O. H.A.M. on breast cancer! #COAPG

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-Written by Sheila Murphy, Founder of Queens of Society

IG & Facebook: queensofsociety

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