Confession #10

“I have never been so inspired and discouraged at the same time in my entire life! After meeting so many women who had so much going on and so much to show for it…I couldn’t help but to compare myself to them and honestly I didn’t come close. Here I am dwelling on the fact that I’m 28 years old with just a blog and Courtney is only 26 years old with a blog she turned into a 6 figure business.”

About 3 weeks ago I attended the ‘Think & Grow Chick Success Circle conference in New Orleans, LA ran by Pretty Girl Courtney Sanders! I really wanted to immediately blog about my experience soon after my trip but I decided to give myself some time to soak in all of the information I received, reflect and figure out a plan to put into action.

Networking Mixer

For those of you who don’t know who Courtney Sanders is, she started ‘Think & Grow Chick‘ as a blog in 2009 after being introduced to Napoleon Hill’s book Think & Grow Rich. From there, she began sharing new personal development, finance and entrepreneurial lessons she was learning and was able to grow her blog into a successful training and development company, Think & Grow Chick, LLC. She provides online and in person education, mentorship and community for women, students, and minorities looking to accomplish big goals in personal development and business. Today, she has the opportunity to develop training programs for a number of organizations, as well as reaching nearly 50,000 young professionals every month through her blog and social media platforms. Now that’s a BAD CHICK! An interesting fun fact is that I actually found out about Courtney through Facebook! I would constantly see these amazing posts pop up on my news feeds and literally asked myself…”Who is this Chick!?” I was totally inspired, so I decided to sign up for her newsletter.

Courtney Sanders sharing her story

I didn’t know about the conference until my oldest sister Shante told me about it and invited me to meet her in NOLA to attend. I didn’t realize she was referring to the same girl I was also inspired by! I never knew that my sister have been following Courtney for a while and has even joined her Success Circle group. I thought to myself…”how could I have missed this opportunity” but I tell you, God will find a way to align things in your path on purpose! I agreed to spend 3 days in NOLA to attend the conference and learn as much as I can.

If I could use one statement to sum up my thoughts after attending the Think & Grow Chick conference…REALITY CHECK! One part of me was inspired, proud, captivated, intrigued, excited, motivated, and optimistic, but the other side of me felt discouraged, disappointed, frustrated, embarrassed , and depressed. I mean, I’ve never felt so many different emotions at the same time in my life! After meeting so many women who had so much going on and so much to show for it…I couldn’t help but to compare myself and honestly I didn’t come close. Here I am dwelling on the fact that I’m 28 years old with just a blog and Courtney is only 26 years old with a blog she turned into a 6 figure business, along with other women at the conference who she has coached and is well on their way. WHAT THE HECK HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THESE YEARS?!!! Don’t get me wrong, yes I started my own online clothing boutique at the age of 24 but I allowed it to fail after only a year. I knew that I had always possessed a business mindset but I quickly realized that I not only have some changes to make in the way I want to grow my brand and business but also some changes to make within myself. After having a very real and much needed talk with my older sister I immediately had to get out of this funk and take control of my destiny. Instead of looking at the negatives I focused on the positive things that were going well in my life and how I could apply what I have learned from the conference to Think & Grow into a successful BOSS CHICK.


Here are 5 things I learned from the Think & Grow Chick Success Circle Conference….

1: Leverage The Network & Relationships You Already Have 

This topic spoke to me on so many levels! Often times we complain about not having enough support or on the flip side, try to accomplish everything on our own. I have been guilty of this because I feared rejection and the idea of looking ‘weak’ by others. Then we wonder why we’re constantly stressed, overwhelmed, tired or simple fail to achieve the goals we always desired. Listen Up Pretty Girls! We have to put our pride aside and evaluate the network of people we already have access to. Whether you have 500 followers on social media and a group of 10 close friends or 500k followers and a group of 100 close friends and associates, you never know who’s watching you from afar and waiting for that moment to help you in any way possible. There are people in your network who are very strong in areas you may be weak in and vice versa. We must also remember that its not about reaping all of the benefits and solely taking from a relationship, but also pouring your gifts into those individuals as well. If we think about it, no successful person got to the top on their own. It takes a team of individuals who are all great in different areas to allow you to be the best you can be. Not only that, when you become successful your team becomes successful!


2: Don’t Fear Failure, Fear Regret  

We all have our “I wish I could’ve…would’ve” moments when we simple start evaluating our current state in life and then looking back at all of the opportunities we passed up because of fear, lack of motivation, or laziness. We have these big dreams of owning a business, becoming a famous entertainer, buying a home, taking that dream trip or being open to build a romantic relationship again.  Instead of having the fear of failing at the many things we want to happen in life we should have the fear of regret for not going after the desires of our hearts! I’ve learned that just because we fail at something doesn’t mean that we have lost! No one is perfect, and we will all make many mistakes and learn from them. It’s about taking risks and believing in what God is capable of doing for us with time, faith and obedience. I don’t want to look back on my life 10…30..0r 50 years from now and have a fear of regret for not going after my dreams and I’m sure you all can agree. So What Are You Waiting For Pretty Girl!?!

Live Hot Seat Panel


3: Your Passion May Not Necessarily Be Your Business

When I first heard one of the speakers say this I was confused…I said to myself…”okkkkk…like what do you mean??  Shouldn’t your business be something your passionate in because that’s what we’re naturally great at and really enjoy…right?” Yes this is true but, what she said after that really changed my perspective. “You may be passionate about something…but that passion may not make you any money.”  Now she’s not necessarily saying that everything your passionate about isn’t going to make you money, what she is saying is that we need to really sit down and research the industry that our passion may be in and evaluate if it’s something we really want to invest in to make us a substantial amount of money. If you are like me, I’m passionate about many different things but that doesn’t mean that I can build a successful business out of every last thing I’m passionate about. We have to evaluate target markets, the value people are getting, the end results, and so much more that goes into building your business plan. Before we make some major business decisions, we must first take a journey of self discovery, internal development and discovering the talents/gifts from within that will allow financial stability, freedom and passion.  Pretty Girl, You Trying To Get This Coin or Nah!?

Guest Master-Mind Speaker: W.E. Dacruz of VRC Group


4: Figure Out what Passion to Lead with. (The Trunk)

It has always been a challenge for me to focus on just one thing that I am passionate about and great at. I try to focus on everything at once then find myself burnt out with unfinished projects. We must be very specific about what we are passionate about and evaluate which one of our passions will we lead with as the (Trunk of the Tree). Once we figure this out, everything else will branch out from there. If you are passionate about cooking, acting, blogging, and event planning, you must figure out which one of these will make you the most money and is strong enough to be the foundation of your business/brand. From there, you will be able to invest in building your other passions to not only make you more money but also build a legacy. Let’s build a Empire Pretty Girl!


5: Utilize Social Media to the Max

One of the speakers challenged us to do a live Facebook video once we finished up our workshop and got to our hotel. I can admit that I am very active on Facebook, especially when it comes to building my brand but for some reason, I rarely go live. I guess I was always worried about what I would say to viewers, what topics will I discuss that will keep people engaged, how I looked, and the list goes on and on. But there was something that she said that caught my attention. She mentioned that her business sales and cliental would go up just by creating a simple 2-3 min live video on whatever nuggets of information she had pertaining to her business. You never know who is watching, willing to share and is inspired by what you do. Live videos make it more personably and you have a chance to interact with people instantly. Marketing and Promotions is a huge factor while building your brand and business, so why not utilize free platforms that enables us to reach different people from across the world. Its amazing how social media has evolved and the fact that some people have became celebrities or made thousands in profit for a business, overnight! We liveeeeeeee Pretty Girl..we liveeeee babayyyyy!

Guest Master-Mind Speaker: Jereshia Hawk


Photos Credit: JCI Creatives   Photographer: Jaren Collins



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