Confession #8:

“There was point when I finally realized that men are still attracted to me even without wearing makeup.” 

I mean, I don’t think that I’m unattractive without makeup but sometimes I do feel a little self cautious of my skin when I have a major breakout that leaves ugly dark blemishes. Anddd I could be a little sensitive about my thin eyebrows, the one freckle on my nose and my two-toned lips. I was always told by others that I have a natural beauty but I guess it’s true what they say about being your worst critic.

I was obsessed with Youtube makeup tutorials and found myself spending more and more on makeup just to keep up with ‘must have’ products. I was the girl who needed an extra 45 minutes to 1 hour getting ready just to apply my makeup alone. I hated taking selfies and uploading them to my social media pages without makeup because…honestly, I cared too much about the opinions of others. I didn’t want someone to scroll up and say…”oh, she looks different without her makeup.”

I rarely wore make up at my job and usually keep my hair pulled back in a ponytail, and I started to notice that there were five different guys at my job that constantly flirted with me and have even gone as far to asking for my number to take me out on dates. I’ve been told numerous of times that I actually look better without makeup but at that time I always believed the opposite. I had to do a double take in the mirror and say to myself…”forreal?”

Why did I find myself surprised every time someone told me how beautiful I looked while in my natural state? I would often wonder, have I hid so long behind makeup that I haven’t realized that my natural caramel brown skin had a special glow to it that men accepted, embraced and loved even with my small imperfections.

I’ve never been the type to feel that I had to wear makeup 24/7 around anyone that I was comfortable around. I didn’t care if they had seen me with or without makeup. On the other hand, I began to analyze if I was only self conscious around people I don’t know, especially men. I questioned if I was too worried about being judged or maybe I just didn’t consider myself as ‘pretty’ compared to when I had on makeup. I needed to receive validation from others just to realize the natural beauty I possessed without make-up.

At this point, I’ve grown to care less about what anyone thinks about the way I look without make-up compared to me wearing a full face.I actually prefer not to wear any makeup or wear natural looking makeup that only enhances my natural features…not cover them up.I’ve saved so much money due to the fact that I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on the best of the best products. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against makeup! I think it’s amazing how you can enhance your features and match it up with whatever your style is for the day.  I’m just embracing every feature and imperfection because I know that God made me unique for a reason. Once I started embracing my natural self, I noticed my skin got clearer and everyone else around me embraced my natural features because I walked in confidence with a trail of melanin glow.


Let’s Connect…Grow…& Allow our Voices to be Heard.


Pretty Girl TaTa

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