Confession #2:

“I am 28 years old, and I have never been in love before.  At least that’s what I finally realized after analyzing my past relationships.”

Throughout my adult years I’ve had only four serious relationships, and at those times in my life I thought I was “in love”.  I just knew that they were the “one”.  I was the hopeless romantic type – the one who could always visualize the perfect wedding, house, and family I would have.  I was pretty much stuck in the possibility of what should happen, or, where I should be in life.  Instead of waiting on the “one” and allowing love to happen naturally, I was looking to find love to build my happily ever after within my so called serious relationships.  I was too in “lust” with the “idea” of being in love to realize that I never had to go looking for it.  I just needed to search within myself first. When I finally came to my senses and realized who God had called me to be, I stopped looking for others to validate my happiness.

It can be so easy for a woman to fall victim to the “lust bug” with symptoms of feeling sad and lonely when you are not in a relationship.  Or, in the company of a man, saying things like “I would be so happy and complete when I have a man”.  This is foolish to believe that he is the one and to rush into a relationship just because it feels’ good.  Falling head over heels with a man after he gave you the best sex you thought you ever had, or, settling for “Mr. Wrong” with hopes of changing him to fit the profile of the man you really desire.  Let’s admit it ladies, we’ve all fell victim to the “lust bug”, experienced at least one of these symptoms, or have witnessed family and friends go through similar situations.  The best feeling about being in these types of situations as a woman is when you finally discover who YOU really are.  Then you can walk away, learn from, and teach the next generation on what NOT to do.

Have you ever sat down and really analyzed why you end up in the same cycle of bad relationships? Perhaps, it may be time to do some deep soul searching to discover YOU. For some of you, this may not be the easiest process, but always remember that God will never leave or forsake you.  You will never have to go on the journey of self-discovery alone, because God will always be there with you.  He will be that small voice in your head that constantly reminds you of how beautiful you are. He will be that burning desire to push you to try new things, and he will be that extra beat in your heart when you start loving every bit of who you are.  When we begin to fall in love with God we establish an intimate relationship with him, and he will reveal many things that has been keeping us from elevating to the next level. So, instead of searching for answers we will discover that the answers are already within us.

-I love you

-You are beautiful inside and out.

-You are precious and unique

-God made no mistakes when he created me

-He will be a blessed man to have a woman like me

These are the affirmations that I’ve made a habit to say to myself in the mirror every day.  I encourage every woman to make a list of things you genuinely love about yourself.  Say them out loud as a reminder to love yourself first, or, nobody will.

A man should complement your life not complete it.

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